Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mandy's on MySpace!

Back again with another not-so update! I got an e-mail from Mandy's manager a coupla months ago about her profile on MySpace. You might already know about it but for those who don't, read on for the address!

Thought you'd like to know and get the word out that Mandy has finally put herself up on MySpace (there was a Fraudulent account that was just taken down recently). It is launched as of today and thought it only fair that you be one of the first to know.

There are a few basic pictures as well as the Pepsi Ad, a kudos to you and your site, as well her Maxim video shoot is pending on the site and should be active soon.

Thanks again for all of your support over the years.


(I originally posted this on my other site back in March. I seriously need to update this site more! Anybody wanna help out? Send me an e-mail!)

It's been just about over a year now since i made That Pepsi Girl and i still get e-mailed about that website every now and then.

Alright, so i haven't exactly been keeping that site updated much. At all really. But i should though. Mandy's got quite a few things going on lately. I even had this director dude e-mail me about this short film he made starring Mandy. Dude was cool enough to even send over a coupla production photos and even offered to send me a free DVD. Check out the website for that little flick of his if anybody's interested. It's called 'Alone'.

Anyhow, i'm not sure if i ever mentioned it but Mandy was actually nice enough to mail me an autographed copy of that issue of Maxim that i got her in. Haha. How awesome is that. Actually being able to say that i got somebody into Maxim. She also sent over one of her headshots. Signed too of course.

I love it.

And what she said about her Maxim shot made me chuckle.

Funny thing is, if you ever heard that radio interview that me and her did for the Kevin and Bean show, turns out that i actually DO end up having two copies of that issue of Maxim. One to read and one to... you know...

See because i kinda joked about getting two copies... and then i actually ended up getting two copies... and then i...

Okay so maybe it isn't really funny... at all.


Oh and by the way, this arrived in my inbox a coupla days ago.

I just put in a search for Mandy Amano in iTunes/podcasts and found this interview of Mandy on a podcast called Framed. It's about filmmaking, but has a great, long interview with Mandy. She sounds so cute!

Thought you might like to know. They have a website where you can download the file, but I got it through the Itunes site here

Thanks for the tip Mark.

On this first episode, the guys are visited by That Pepsi Girl, Mandy Amano for a chat about life, independent film and what makes acting fun.

Haha. They still call her 'That Pepsi Girl'.