Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tired: Ellen Feiss, Wired: Mandy Amano

Mandy got a pretty nice write up over at webloginc's Apple site yesterday.

Move over Apple Switcher Ellen Feiss, there is a new Apple it girl in town and her name is Mandy Amano.

- The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Speaking of Ellen Feiss, did anyone notice the unreleased Ellen Feiss G4 ad that was posted at Right around the time Mandy's Pepsi/iTunes ad was hitting it big too. Weird Ellen/Mandy coincidence!

I also found this website from Taipei discussing the whole fake blog controversy (of which, this very site is a part of) that i mentioned last week. The post is in Chinese though so you'll probably have to run it through a website or text translator thing to be able to read it (unless you can already read Chinese).

They made a nice flash thingy to go with the post.

Controversy! OMG!

Mandy in Maxim?

Remember that *potentially* big bit of news that i couldn't talk about last week? Well if you're wondering, it's like this:

Maxim magazine actually contacted me because of this site. And they were interested in getting an interview with Mandy. So i put them in contact with her people.

Now, while i can't say for sure (yet) whether the interview is going to happen (and/or get published), i've just gotten word from the Entertainment Editor of Maxim that "things are going quite well".

Stay tuned for further developments!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Mandy at Wondercon

Photo by Derek Powazek,


Thanks Derek.

A teaser page just got put up. Looks like it'll be fully up and running in Spring!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

That Pepsi Girl And Comics

The Scoop on Mandy!

Not much in the way of new info but it's a nice writeup!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Some random news

Time for an update! A question from the comments:

Just out of curiousity, how many times has this site been hit sent it went up?

To date, just about 70000 times within the past 10 days. Not bad! (if i do say so myself)

Here's a little something somebody threw together with Mandy's image in mind (sent via e-mail).

I think That Pepsi Girl is gorgeous. I made a button of her linked to your site (...)


And it looks like Mandy's a hit with French iPod lovers too!

So apparently there's been a lot of controversy as to whether this Pepsi Girl blog is a real blog. Some say it's fake, some say it's real. So which is it?! If you REALLY want to know, click here. But beware! It could potentially spoil whatever sick enjoyment you might get from reading this 'stalkerblog'!

Anyhow, now that that's out of the way, in comic book movie news (taken from the comments):

USATODAY has a mention of the KABUKI film that she's been attached to. I saw this on a message board. And I think she's perfect for it.

See the "quick question" on the left side of the page. 

They ask which comic book characters that you are looking forward to seeing films of. They listed some for you to vote for which you are looking forward to, and they listed KABUKI from Marvel with a ballot for you to vote on.

Vote for the KABUKI film with Mandy!

And last but not least, i actually have some potentially big news to report but i can't really say anything about it right now. I'm also not 100% sure if this thing will happen but if it does, it's going to be something to definitely look forward to.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Everybody loves Raym... Mandy

I'm sure that most of you have seen the Pepsi/iTunes commercials that premiered during the Super Bowl by now. If not, get the over to iFilm and watch a few. Forget the horrible Marvel populated Visa commercial, and ignore the overhyped and only mildly amusing Go Daddy commercials. No, the real breakout star came from the iTunes montages which featured one Mandy Amano, aka That Pepsi Girl.

Of course, the simple fact that she's insanely and intriguingly hot is only part of the appeal. The real reason I'm posting this is because she has more than a little comic book relevancy. Mandy's father is Jeff Amano, an employee of Beckett Comics, and both she and her sister are apparently comic geeks. She was used as reference for a cover of SHI, and is friends with David Mack.

Now, people are always wondering how to market comics to a wider audience - Pepsi and Apple have inadvertently handed some entrepenurial comic company a goldmine. Forget Cindy Margolis - this girl has legit comic fan cred and is in the early stages of true internet and possibly mainstream celebrity. Don't slap her on comic covers in badly photoshopped spandex or have her wear some ill-fitting padded Witchblade outfit at cons. Use her in print ads a la the Milk campaigns, or something. I dunno. It just seems to me that a there's some sort of opportunity here for someone to grab...


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More random quotes

And comments from around the net.

  • And speaking of babes, the Pepsi girl is now officially hotter than Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Jaymee Ong all combined together into a 6-legged monstrosity that nature never intended to create.
  • that girl's a comic nerd? Hell froze over.
  • "Sorry we weren't able to find Mandy Amano on"
  • i hope pepsi girl reads this (forum) thread and fucking appreciates the SHIT I PUT UP WITH FROM YOU PEOPLE IN DEFENSE OF HER JEANS!!1!
  • I'm in love.
  • she is hot and her dad is cool.
  • By any standard, this gentleman is providing an invaluable service. Not since Harold and Kumar have I felt so warmly embraced by the culture at large. It's pretty fresh that young women much like those who made us swoon in high school are now prominently featured in national advertising campaigns.
  • It seems one Super Bowl commercial in particular is generating a lot of buzz—and it’s not the infamous spot that was banned from airing in the second half. The new Pepsi-iPod commercial, featuring half-Japanese, half-Irish hottie Mandy Amano, has officially become my new favorite commercial. The commercial has gained so much popularity that it even has its own dedicated blog. There are some rumors that the blog is merely a well-disguised corporate website (which would be pretty slick of Pepsi) but honestly, who cares.
  • Sunday, February 13, 2005


    And comments from around the net.

  • she's cute - and she's a comic book fan - a fanboy's wet'll be pretty spectacular if she becomes a star based on an Pepsi/iTunes ad. I wish her all the luck.
  • During XXXIX, there was a commercial with a cute girl. Someone said "By tomorrow, she'll probably have fan pages." It took only minutes.
  • She must be a heck of an actor to squeeze that much personality and charm into taking off the lid of a Pepsi bottle. Pepsi should thank this girl.
  • Justin. You are doing a great service to all in this great country. I've spoken to a few of my buddies and the only thing anyone can remember from the super bowl is That Pepsi Girl.
  • Jesus Christ, I didn't get to see the Super Bowl, but it looks like this "Pepsi Girl" is the most important thing I missed. She's amazingly hot.
  • That is too normal an obsession for an internet site. Needs to be something freakier like that horse from the bud light commercial last year or something.
  • Is she the "Official" Pepsi Girl? Cause with all this hoopla, over Pepsi I'm sure there is going to be a new commercial with her.
  • As freaky as this site is, in his defense she is really hot.
  • I thought I was the only one who noticed this girl. She is in fact very cute :)
  • She is the only reason why I remember that commercial. If I was Pepsi I would make her the official Pepsi Girl. I'm amused anyone would create a whole blog just for one girl in a commercial. And pissed you thought of it first! :-)
  • The whole thing about her ethnic ambiguity and the poems that accompany it are really similar to the stuff from MST3K where Servo falls in love with Creepy Girl.
  • I see she'd play an awesome Psylocke. That would be kinda cool maybe.
  • Count the number of references to Pepsi and iTunes, including the two sets of right sidebar links, the guy saying he'll buy her an iPod (bottom of page), his small discussion of how he wants to buy a Mini Mac (but already has a Mac) and the 'Coke vs. Pepsi' post. All of this is very subtle, especially because of the quote on the right actually accusing the blog of being guerilla marketing, but I am of the opinion that it is corporate. It's too... 'quirky, but not scary' to be real.
  • If it's fake, I take my hat off to the copywriter who put it together....if you want to see a sad example of copywritten fake blogs check out McD's pathetic Lincolm Fry attempt..
  • Is this a Pepsi site, and part of thier ad campagne? It is making people actually look for a commercial that they would not have seen otherwise. I've never heard of that before. But it made me actually look for the commercial at the site and watch and enjoy a commercial. And I hate commercials. But I like this. The power of Mandy...
  • Saturday, February 12, 2005


    So i got in contact with Mandy's sister and here's an excerpt of what she had to say:

    She's really very flattered and I'm so proud of her. We all are, and we actually think your site is pretty cool! (...) And your site is much more respectful than a lot of the guys on the Image (comics) board! I hope you don't mind that I've passed along your email to Mandy. I think she'll appreciate it.

    Anyway, look out for because it'll be up and running some time in the near future.

    AND i also got an e-mail from David Mack. Again, here's an excerpt:

    Mandy's family and I really appreciate the attention that you have called to her role in the Pepsi commercial. It is fascinating to see such a reaction to your blog.

    And I love seeing Mandy in that commercial too! :)

    Will we ever hear from Mandy herself? Who knows! Stay tuned!

    Mandy at Wizard World!

    radish01001: I want to be that man
    radish01001: even if I had to be the fat man
    radish01001: I bet she smells pretty

    You can find more photos of Mandy and David Mack artwork based on her at

    Friday, February 11, 2005

    Where in the world (wide web) is Mandy?


    Practically anyway. Here's a sampling!

    Mandy on an Italian iPod site!

    Mandy on a Canadian news site!

    Mandy on a Japanese Apple site!

    Mandy on a Best Entertainment Weblog Bloggies 2005 nominated site!

    Mandy on some German site! Wait.. what the hell...

    Mandy on some guy from's blog!

    THerbMcC71: Dude, that's not just some guy from Wired.
    THerbMcC71: That's the dude who wrote The Cult of Mac.
    THerbMcC71: That's like if the guy who wrote Masters of Doom wrote about my site. Or Jim DeRogatis said something about it. Or if Michael Azerrad used it as a source in a book about why rock is dead.

    Freak alert!

    OMG. Look at what i found.

    Caught my eyes for couple seconds..  Then I just stared at it for the longest time...  I don't know why she looks very familiar..

    Seriously, who takes pictures of TV ad models on their TV on their cellphones??!

    What a freak!!! Be careful Mandy, there's crazy people out there!

    Her REAL name

    Wait for it...



    Mandy Fujiko Amano.

    Her father is Jeff Amano of Beckett Comics and she also has a sister, Kat. And they're all comic nerds. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I used to collect comics too back in the day. Oh and Mandy's taken by the way.

    Anyhow, here's to her career as a model/actress taking off. Hopefully we'll get to see more of her in the near future.

    (And no, not in that way. Perverts.)

    So congrats Mandy! I'm happy to say that since this blog was set up, it has gotten well over 16000+ visitors (and counting!). It's been linked to by dozens and dozens of ad sites, Apple sites, iPod sites, forums, linkdumps and blog sites from all over the world. Among them Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and even France (thus far.. that i know of)

    Anyhow, for those of you who are interested in the 'making of' this site, from its 'humble beginnings' to the monster its become. Just keep visiting and i'll reveal all the secrets in due time.

    Shi cover

    "And our favorite thing about her is she loves comic books. You might even recognize her as the new cover as SHI for it's 10th anniversary cover."

    ps: The Pepsi Girl video montage is down. Ran out of bandwidth! Is there anybody out there gracious enough to host it on their server?

    Video has been mirrored!

    Some facts about That Pepsi Girl

    Mostly similar info but i'm (re?)posting it anyway!

    From this anonymous comment (in response to this comment):

    I don't know who that freak Michelle is who remembers shooting this spot, but as a very close friend of the real Pepsi Girl, I can tell you she's lying.

    Some facts about That Pepsi Girl

    - her name is not Michelle
    - she is not French-Canadian. She is half-Japanese, half-Irish and born and bred in USA.
    - she is better looking in real life.
    - she is a comic book aholic
    - she is a fantastic actress
    - she knows about this site (even emailed it to me, which is how I found out). she is flattered.

    We all love her to death and are very happy others will get a glimpse at how great she is.

    I'm glad she likes the site!

    If i was a rich girl


    I'd buy myself an itty bitty mac, and maybe an iPod too.

    (Alas, i'm but a poor male college student who can't afford such luxuries and has to make do with an old 2001 model PowerBook G4 for now)

    OH NOES!!!

    I just got an e-mail from a visitor:

    As someone who is very good friends with that Pepsi Girl, I have to say that Wendel is sadly mistaken. She is not French-Canadian, nor can she speak a word of French. She can speak some Japanese though because she is half-Japanese (her ethnicity is Japanese/Irish) and born and bred in the USA. She is not only gorgeous, but she is a fantastic actor as well, and we are all very proud of her. And our favorite thing about her is she loves comic books. You might even recognize her as the new cover as SHI for it's 10th anniversary cover.

    Is this true?? The mystery continues!


    She visited the site.

    And she left a comment.


    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    Michele (if that really is your name)

    Michele, ma belle.
    These are words that go together well,
    My Michele.

    Michele, ma belle.
    Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
    Tres bien ensemble.

    I love you, I love you, I love you.
    That's all I want to say.
    Until I find a way
    I will say the only words I know that
    You'll understand.

    Michele, ma belle.
    Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
    Tres bien ensemble.

    Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    The other Pepsi Ads

    Did you miss the other Pepsi ads during the superbowl? You can find them all at Pepsi's website via this link. As you can see, Pepsi Girl Michele's picture is on the site! But sadly, there's no further information on who she is. They do however have more infomation on That Pepsi Guy who appeared in that other Pepsi ad.

    Why no info on That Pepsi Girl??

    That Pepsi Girl Video Again

    Now in high resolution! With sound!

    Here it is! (3.1 megs) (DOWN)

  • Mirror 1 (DOWN)
  • Mirror 2
  • Mirror 3 (DOWN)
  • Mirror 4 (DOWN)

    Oh and i also updated all her pics with higher res versions.
  • Her name

    Huzzah! Thanks to an anonymous comment (well, actually not so anonymous. it's signed 'Wendel') i think we may know her name.

    I know her from a previous acting engagement. Her name is Michele and she is French Canadian.

    I'm reluctant to tell you any more specifics, but I've told her about your blog and I'm sure she will appreciate your undying love for her.

    Take care,

    Ahh... Michele... hopefully she'll stop by someday and leave a comment or two. Or maybe even e-mail me or something.

    I'll probably pass out though if she ever does that.

    Monday, February 07, 2005

    That Pepsi Girl Video

    I have created a video montage of That Pepsi Girl. Didn't have much to work with (she only has two scenes after all) but here it is anyway. It's around 1.5 megs. No sound though.

    radish01001: look at that bootay
    radish01001: I'd hit it


    A better version of the video an be found here!

    The Pepsi Ads

    You can find the two full Pepsi ads that she appeared in over at the Apple iTunes website. Enjoy! I know i did. Over and over and over again...

    Pepsi vs Coke

    I used to like Coke more than Pepsi. Until i found out she drank Pepsi.

    I love Pepsi now. Because Pepsi Girl drinks it.

    Drink Pepsi.

    Your beautiful smile...

    ...and behind.


    Pepsi Girl. Beautiful Pepsi Girl. Are you mixed by any chance? You sort of look Asian. Maybe Japanese. Japanese American perhaps. Chinese maybe?

    Either way, you're hot. Lovely eyes. Lovely smile.

    Just lovely. I love you.

    You are so beautiful... me...

    Love at first sight

    Pepsi Girl. From the moment i saw you in that first Super Bowl iTunes Pepsi ad, i was like, "OMG" and "SO HOT". Alas, you weren't in that one for too long.

    But then the second iTunes Pepsi ad came on and i saw you again. This time for quite a bit longer. Listening to your bottle of Pepsi. And then smiling. So beautifully. And then shimmying away.

    Sigh... i love you Pepsi Girl.

    That Pepsi Girl

    Oh Pepsi Girl. I wish i knew your name. Because i'm in love with you Pepsi Girl. Your eyes, that smile, they way you unscrew that bottle of Pepsi... you're so hot. I love you. Please marry me. I'll buy you all the Pepsi in the world. And maybe an iPod too. I'll try to score one for you by doing that free iPods thing.