Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mandy's STARmeter: #1!!!

Got this via e-mail:

Thanks to IMDb featuring TPG on their normal page, TPG has leapt to NUMBER ONE on IMDbPro's StarMeter ranking! Usually that's reserved for the likes of Brad Pitt or Lindsay Lohan.


Once again, here's the full screenshot just in case it's not there anymore!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mandy on

Holy crap. Mandy is on the front page of

Here's the full screenshot just in case it's not there anymore.

This is obviously very big news. VERY big news. As IMDB is, and i quote, "Visited by over 25 million movie lovers each month!". So congratulations Mandy!

Oh and check out the amazing photo that they have on there now. Beautiful.

Thanks to Uncle Grambo and Kevin for alerting me to this piece of news. Kevin says:
No doubt you're going to be bombarded with this news: It seems that she's the new Internet Movie Database ( "Meet the new Publicity Photo Actor." In the recent past, they have primarily been very attractive women, which is what all the message board comments say, and will probably say for her, once thousands of people click on the picture and find out "that's where I've seen her before!" She has the most incredible eyes in the included picture, made more dramatic in black and white (that still doesn't sound as obsessive as people have made you sound).

Her filmography is rather short, and I think she only shows up for about 4 seconds in Coyote Ugly (if she's one of the short-haired girls dancing on the bar). If you have the DVD (and I identified her properly), her first scene is at time point 1:05:39 for two seconds (under the ceiling fan) and her second and last scene is at 1:05:49 (at the left of the screen). There's going to be a special unrated edition released in June, but only 7 minutes of restored footage, who knows what is in those scenes.

Mandy on

Mandy has been featured on, a site dedicated to all things half Japanese.
Mandy is an actress who became an instant internet celebrity based on her appearance on the iTunes + Pepsi ad that appeared during the 2005 Superbowl. Given the wide audience and the connection to Apple computer, numberous postings were made almost immediately after the commercial first aired.

The most famous posts are on a blog called That Pepsi Girl, which is entirely dedicated to Mandy, and maintained by blogger/stalker "Justin" from Michigan.


Also, here's Mandy's Maxim Online page in case you haven't already seen it. You'll find two other Web Only pics from her photoshoot on there too.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Behind the Curtain

Found a site chronicling the making of student film that has Mandy in it over here. Nice to see some of the older stuff she's been in! You'll also find two pictures of Mandy on that site if you look hard enough. Nothing major. But check it out if you like.

On an unrelated note, here are two (eeriely similar!) quotes from two different blogs talking about this Pepsi Girl site of mine.
Being hot, she has attracted at least one fanboy who is either a stalker or a great viral corporate stooge.

Creepy stalker or brillant viral marketing? I report, you decide. (She is pretty hot)

Oh my, i wonder which it is!

Excuse me while i ponder it over a bottle of Pepsi.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Maxim write up

So i finally got my issue of the May Maxim in the mail today. Took long enough!

Here's the full write up they gave her:
Real name: Mandy Amano

Better known as: "That Pepsi girl from the Super Bowl commercial"

Her story: This Dallas-bred cutie launched 1,000 Web posts with a single appearance dancing in a Pepsi iTunes ad, inspiring nerds from Germany to Japan to create online odes to her beauty. "It's crazy," Mandy says. "I was on screen for 13 seconds. I guess i owe it all to my Pepsi wiggle." (And what a wiggle it is.)

But wait - it gets even better. The Wilhelmina model is a comic book freak, thanks in part to her father, who writes comics and raised Mandy on a steady diet of superheroes. "All my friends' parents had Georgia O'Keeffe on their walls," she says. "We had the X-men."

And on May 7 you can take Mandy home...for nothing!

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, stores around the U.S. will be giving away copies of Ronin Hood, featuring a character based on Mandy.

See more Mandy photos and video at

"Crazy" indeed!

Now who would've thought that this blog would get her onto the pages of Maxim? Sure as hell not me. So imagine my surprise when Maxim contacted me (!) about getting in touch with Mandy.

And not only that, this blog also got her on the Kevin and Bean show at KROQ 106.7! And since the guys over at KROQ were gracious enough to invite me to be on the show (!!), i even got to say hi to her on air! (!!!)

Now that i would've never thought would ever happen.

But whaddaya know. It all did!

Anyhow, be sure to pick up Beckett Comics' Ronin Hood on May 7th. It's free so you've got nothing to lose!

Seacrest OUT.

Friday, April 15, 2005 updated

Check out for a flash slideshow of Mandy. And if your browser can't display flash animations (which it should, come on now, it's 2005..) click here for a gallery in .jpg form.

Oh and hey, here's an idea:

There is a blog devoted to the girl in the Pepsi commercial - the one that first aired during the Super Bowl and featured all those people opening bottles and hearing music. She was the first person in the ad, and was in it for about five seconds. Now, go ahead and have a blog about her - she's pretty cute. But this guy gets mentioned on radio shows! Here I am, blogging away, providing valuable public services to my adoring public, and this guy is getting mentions on the radio. I'm so sad. Maybe if I did a blog about some obscure actor or actress ... how about a blog about that actor in the weirdly pornographic Brawny paper towel commercial? Or would that be too gay? Krys says I should do one about the old Brawny paper towels, with the 1970s porn guy. I dug him.

- Delenda Est Carthago

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Has anybody gotten a copy of the May issue of Maxim yet? I'm still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. Should be here in the next coupla days. I'll probably go out and buy another copy from the store though. That way i'll have one to frame and one to... you know...

To read.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

IMDB info

Mandy's IMDB bio seems to have been updated with a little bit of trivia. Have a look. Never thought that i'd see this site referenced on IMDB!

I also got an e-mail about a short film that Mandy was in 5 years ago. Check it out.

I don't know if you have seen this, but Mandy Amano is on this short film hosted on IFILM. Here's the link: