Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Maxim write up

So i finally got my issue of the May Maxim in the mail today. Took long enough!

Here's the full write up they gave her:
Real name: Mandy Amano

Better known as: "That Pepsi girl from the Super Bowl commercial"

Her story: This Dallas-bred cutie launched 1,000 Web posts with a single appearance dancing in a Pepsi iTunes ad, inspiring nerds from Germany to Japan to create online odes to her beauty. "It's crazy," Mandy says. "I was on screen for 13 seconds. I guess i owe it all to my Pepsi wiggle." (And what a wiggle it is.)

But wait - it gets even better. The Wilhelmina model is a comic book freak, thanks in part to her father, who writes comics and raised Mandy on a steady diet of superheroes. "All my friends' parents had Georgia O'Keeffe on their walls," she says. "We had the X-men."

And on May 7 you can take Mandy home...for nothing!

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, stores around the U.S. will be giving away copies of Ronin Hood, featuring a character based on Mandy.

See more Mandy photos and video at

"Crazy" indeed!

Now who would've thought that this blog would get her onto the pages of Maxim? Sure as hell not me. So imagine my surprise when Maxim contacted me (!) about getting in touch with Mandy.

And not only that, this blog also got her on the Kevin and Bean show at KROQ 106.7! And since the guys over at KROQ were gracious enough to invite me to be on the show (!!), i even got to say hi to her on air! (!!!)

Now that i would've never thought would ever happen.

But whaddaya know. It all did!

Anyhow, be sure to pick up Beckett Comics' Ronin Hood on May 7th. It's free so you've got nothing to lose!

Seacrest OUT.


Anonymous said...

I feel so lucky. I am not a Maxim subscriber and I really wanted to get one without all the embarrassment of buying one of those types of magazines. I checked my mail one day, and MAXIM CAME. Turns out it was my next door neighbor's issue, and the mailman accidentally put it in mine!

Indeed, lucky I am.

Mr. Joshua said...

How do you go about getting one of those comic do-hickies? I'd buy one if they sell them somewhere, but I am in free comic day probably won't come here. :(

Anonymous said...

This is probably old, but I found this...

the user Mack! is david mack, the guy she's dating. the post is dated a couple of weeks ago, and he says he recently began dating her. Maybe she's not THAT taken.

More interestingly is that he says she's got something else in the works (besides maxim). hmm...

***original post***

No problem

Wow, you have an avatar of the girl I've recently begun dating!

This is a strange new experience for me.

I'm even more fascinated that her sister Kat is promoting the new issue of Maxim magazine with her in it.

I guess that's what sisters are for.

And I promise you she is even more lovely in person.

Also she just shot something else recently that you will soon see her in.
But it's a secret so I can't tell.

Anonymous said...

"And I promise you she is even more lovely in person.

There couldn't be any more truth than that.

Anonymous said...

try getting a exclusive interview with her .. unless Mandy is busy being a super mega celebrity.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody that can access maximonline post the picture somewhere? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

maxim pics -

nazmi said...


really, that's all i could come up with.

reddevil82 said...

I have that issue at home.I think she should've gotten a multi-page spread and poster,not just Brittnay Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, she's cute and all. But really she's ain't no Marilyn Monroe
Really, why people are making such a big deal of this chick is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

There's only one idiot making a big deal... that's the joke.

Don't you get it?