Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mandy mosaic

And people think I'M creepy?

(Hmm... i wish i'd thought of that first...)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

On the subject of screen time...

Just a couple of excerpts from other blogs around the net. Thanks to the KROQ interview, a lot more people are aware of of Mandy now.
I was driving in to work this morning. Kevin and Bean on KROQ were raving about this new Internet fanned obsession about an actress named Mandy Amano. Mandy appeared in a Pepsi commercial during Superbowl 2005. Immediately following, a blog dedicated to Mandy began to appear on the net.

So I looked it up:

I must admit: She is gorgeous.



How the heck did this interent frenzy start? Her on screen time was, what, 5 seconds? This is amazing...

Another one:
And speaking of ads, how in the heck does three seconds of a Pepsi ad get a girl her own fan blog and subsequent radio interviews and Maxim spread? But at least it's not a blog about this Pepsi girl.

One more:
How much must it suck to be the other girl in the Pepsi/Itunes commercial? You know. The one who isn't Mandy Amano.


Dear Other Girl:

Please don't take it personally that you had approximately 4 seconds more of screen time and were unable to capitalize on it. Fame, she is a fickle bitch.

Haha. And for the record, Mandy had around 13 seconds of screen time from the two ads combined.

In other news, AdRants has a nice little write up about Mandy's rise to internet, print and radio fame.

Read about it here: Fan Blog Advances Career of Pepsi/iTunes Girl

Friday, March 18, 2005

Pepsi Girl .gifs

Hey dude, I heard about you on KROQ...

I have a PDA/phone that can use animated GIFs as screensavers, so I made a couple of Mandy from your Quicktime montage:

You're welcome to 'em if you like 'em. :)

Also available for download here and here!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The KROQ interview!

Well, i'm guessing most people have heard the radio interview by now but just in case you haven't, you can download the entire show from this site. Look for the link on the sidebar. Get it while it's still up though because it won't be there forever! It's about a 39 meg download. The interview starts exactly around the 2:36:23 mark.

(Update: I managed to get an mp3 of the interview itself available for download here. Only 5.9 megs!)

You can also find a written recap of the show over at the Kevin and Bean blog. There's also a picture of Mandy with the Kevin and Bean gang over at the KROQ 106.7 website (under the 'sights' link).

It was a great interview by the way. Well worth listening to. Not only is Mandy like, really really pretty, but she also sounds pretty too. Haha. Oh and did i mention that i was invited to be on the show? (!) Anyhow, here's the recap of the interview itself, courtesy of the Kevin and Bean blog:
Mandy Amano, Pepsi iTunes Babe - The smoking hot actress, and the new object of geek obsession talked about the Super Bowl commercial that launched her to stardom: she didn't even know what the product was when she went to the shoot! It was kept secret with confidentiality agreements, etc... Ralph: "With that kind of security you'd think it's for Uranium or something!"  Shot around christmas, she watched it premeiere live at a party with a bunch of suprised burly guys during the game. About the stalker fan's blog devoted to her, "It was creepy at first, but it's all G rated so far!"  Yes, she's already shot her Maxim pictures, for the May issue, in a lacy bikini. Woohoo!  (Ralph: "Lacy Bikini, by the way, used to be my stripper name!") AND she's a comic book geek, too! 

Obsessed fan and blog creator Justin then came on the phone! Mandy: "I don't know whether to hug you or slap you!" Why did he decide to devote himself to her and create the blog? "I didn't have anything else better to do!" He's in college in Michigan. Ralph: "Do you major in Stalking?" Yes, he'll be getting the Maxim issue: "One to frame, and one know."  Ugh! Bean: "To read, to read! I didn't like the sound of that at ALL!" Mandy: "You've been very sweet." Bean: "And 'sweet' is Japanese for creepy, right?" Ralph: "You're career's going to blow off, and we'll be like, 'Rembmer when we first had Mandy in? Now she's had that series, nominated for an Oscar twice, now she's been in rehab twice, killed that guy...we're look forward to your scandal-filled career!"

And that's just a summary. I recommend downloading the interview to hear it all for yourself. 13 minutes of Mandy interview goodness. It's good times all around.

Anyhow, thanks to Bean for having me on air and also to everyone else at the K&B show. And of course to Mandy for being such a good sport about everything!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mandy on KROQ 106.7

I found this on another blog:
she's only on for a few seconds, but that is enough to garner more interest and appeal than for the drink, Gwen & Eve, and i-Tunes combined. After viewing the spot many times over the past few weeks, I hit the internet in search of finding more about the model/actress that, frankly, was the only reason I watched this commercial. With nothing more than 'girl who opens fridge in the Pepsi commercial' to go off of, I came across this site: That Pepsi Girl, "A blog dedicated to the super hot sexy girl in the iTunes Pepsi ads that premiered during the 2005 Super Bowl."  I'm amused and a bit relieved to find that I wasn't the only one with slight stalker tendencies. And perhaps, kinda sad and pathetic when I stop to think about it, but that's why I believe thinking is SO overrated!

Stalker? I'm not a stalker! YOU are the stalker! STALKER!!!

In other news, according to the Kevin and Bean blog, it seems that Mandy's gonna be making an (on air?) appearance on the Kevin and Bean show tomorrow (on KROQ 106.7). Not sure if they're just gonna be discussing the Pepsi ad or actually interviewing her but nevertheless, it's something for you Mandy stalkers fans to look forward to.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mentioned in the Press

Here's a little something that slipped by me somehow. A short blurb mentioning That Pepsi Girl along side the girl that appeared on the St. Paul Pioneer Press website a while back.
Tech heartthrobs. Several tech-related Super Bowl commercials have spawned female heartthrobs. The woman who shimmies it up to iTunes music in a Pepsi and Apple Computer spot has spawned her own That Pepsi Girl blog ( So has the buxom spokeswoman (this family newspaper will let you find that not-G-rated site on your own).
Good to know that this site is G rated!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Random comments

From people that have met her in person (aka lucky bastards).

  • While I was at the Wonder Con, I went by to say hi to my pal David Mack. He introduced me to his friend Mandy Amano. While David was busy with his many fans, I had a very pleasant conversation with Mandy. She told me that she was an aspiring actress, and that she had appeared in a Pepsi ad that played during the superbowl. She told me that somebody put up a fan blog devoted to her. I also learned that she was named after the Barry Manilow song. Mandy is a super nice person, just like David, and it was a pleasure to meet her. Since then, my family and I have seen Mandy’s Pepsi ad on TV several times. It’s always a kick to see it, because her warm friendly personality really comes through. I think Mandy is going to be a big star. - (Lee of Lee's Comics, California)
  • I saw her with David Mack too. When he was signing at Wondercon in Frisco. She even looks famous in real life. And she was incredibly nice and personable.
  • I met her Amano dad and her boy toy Mack when they were signing their books at Wizard World. And Mandy was there too, and she actually looks even more stunning in person. And I was surprised by how nice she was.
  • i was able to take a picture with david mack and mandy amano at wondercon. david even signed two free copies of his comic book. they were both super nice.
  • Wow. I can't believe there is a sight for 'thepepsigirl.' I actually met Mandy back at the SDCC a couple of years ago. Like people have already mentioned she's from a comic book family. She was really nice to talk to and super friendly. I actually went to college w/ her but didn't even know it. One of my friends had a class w/ her freshman year. Congrats to Mandy and good luck. Hope to see you in more things!!!
  • I am so glad to see Mandy doing well for herself--I went to high school with her and she is very sweet (as well as being one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in person). :)
  • I went to high school with her too. I had a scene in a show with her one year that I had to run carrying her in my arms. One night I fell down a flight of stairs but still managed to keep her up in the air. She's a great gal!
  • I've met Mandy and have traveled several times with members of her family. They're truly great people and it's no small wonder that they have such a captivating and talented daughter. The Pepsi people better realize what they have before she transcends the national advertising scene. She's gonna be big.
  • Thursday, March 03, 2005

    That Pepsi Girl in Japan

    Mandy gets more exposure in Japan thanks to a HotWiredJapan news article discussing That Pepsi Girl, Apple and Ellen Feiss! See here!

    Not only that but the article also made it onto Yahoo! Japan Headline News!


    I got in touch with the Maxim people today. And here's the latest news:
    Yup. It's official. People can look for an interview and photo of Mandy in the May issue of Maxim magazine. Thanks for the help, man.