Saturday, March 19, 2005

On the subject of screen time...

Just a couple of excerpts from other blogs around the net. Thanks to the KROQ interview, a lot more people are aware of of Mandy now.
I was driving in to work this morning. Kevin and Bean on KROQ were raving about this new Internet fanned obsession about an actress named Mandy Amano. Mandy appeared in a Pepsi commercial during Superbowl 2005. Immediately following, a blog dedicated to Mandy began to appear on the net.

So I looked it up:

I must admit: She is gorgeous.



How the heck did this interent frenzy start? Her on screen time was, what, 5 seconds? This is amazing...

Another one:
And speaking of ads, how in the heck does three seconds of a Pepsi ad get a girl her own fan blog and subsequent radio interviews and Maxim spread? But at least it's not a blog about this Pepsi girl.

One more:
How much must it suck to be the other girl in the Pepsi/Itunes commercial? You know. The one who isn't Mandy Amano.


Dear Other Girl:

Please don't take it personally that you had approximately 4 seconds more of screen time and were unable to capitalize on it. Fame, she is a fickle bitch.

Haha. And for the record, Mandy had around 13 seconds of screen time from the two ads combined.

In other news, AdRants has a nice little write up about Mandy's rise to internet, print and radio fame.

Read about it here: Fan Blog Advances Career of Pepsi/iTunes Girl


ryan said...

you should start "thatotherpepsigirl" and see where it takes you. ha. nowhere.

bligityblah said...

Dear god the good I could do with a chaingun...

JustSumDude said...

Drink Pepsi.

shirizaki said...

they should come out with a pepsi iPod, blue trimmed in red and white, and have Mandy's sig on the back. I'd buy it

delux_247 said...

all right...fess up. Who bought Ryan Kauanui!

ThatMountainDewGuy said... says:

"People are going nuts all of a sudden over “That Pepsi Girl”.

Yeah, she’s pretty, but there are pretty girls on just about every commercial, so?"

Good Point. There's hardly a commercial that DOESN'T have a hot babe in it. If Mandy were my nextdoor neighbor, I'd be going apeshit! But who cares if there's yet another hot babe on yet another cola commercial?

powerade boy said...



(I just thought it needed to be said)