Thursday, March 03, 2005

That Pepsi Girl in Japan

Mandy gets more exposure in Japan thanks to a HotWiredJapan news article discussing That Pepsi Girl, Apple and Ellen Feiss! See here!

Not only that but the article also made it onto Yahoo! Japan Headline News!


matilda said...

HI! i am coming from...
she is so cute when i saw ad. at the first time too.
one reason is that she looked like my ex-girlfriend!!
can you read this "天野"?
it's amano in chinese character (kan-ji)

anyway, how nice blog you made. Justin, thanks.

vhw said...

matilda (girl's name) and pretty hot ex-girlfriend (if she looks like mandy)?! H O T T. Now that should have made it to the blogs.
I can read マンヂ アマノ ^_^