Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mandy on

Holy crap. Mandy is on the front page of

Here's the full screenshot just in case it's not there anymore.

This is obviously very big news. VERY big news. As IMDB is, and i quote, "Visited by over 25 million movie lovers each month!". So congratulations Mandy!

Oh and check out the amazing photo that they have on there now. Beautiful.

Thanks to Uncle Grambo and Kevin for alerting me to this piece of news. Kevin says:
No doubt you're going to be bombarded with this news: It seems that she's the new Internet Movie Database ( "Meet the new Publicity Photo Actor." In the recent past, they have primarily been very attractive women, which is what all the message board comments say, and will probably say for her, once thousands of people click on the picture and find out "that's where I've seen her before!" She has the most incredible eyes in the included picture, made more dramatic in black and white (that still doesn't sound as obsessive as people have made you sound).

Her filmography is rather short, and I think she only shows up for about 4 seconds in Coyote Ugly (if she's one of the short-haired girls dancing on the bar). If you have the DVD (and I identified her properly), her first scene is at time point 1:05:39 for two seconds (under the ceiling fan) and her second and last scene is at 1:05:49 (at the left of the screen). There's going to be a special unrated edition released in June, but only 7 minutes of restored footage, who knows what is in those scenes.


radish01001 said...

You should be a talent agent.
You'd know how to market your goods.

10 percenter said...

It's an insult to the "real" professional people out there who actually do work to procure work for Mandy and countless actors like her or anyone to suggest that this blog has done anything comparable to what Mandy's agents do to get her in the door.

It is an absolute fallacy that anyone associated with this blog has further Mandy's career more than her actual representatives who work hard every day for Mandy, and without whom the Pepsi/iTunes spot simply would never have been.

Angel Rodriquez said...

I'm sorry, but I just had to comment on the last comment. It goes a little something like this: duh. What a fuckin' tard...thank you for the obvious comments. No thanks on the tart attitude. If you don't like it, leave it alone.

Lastly, pepsi girl...yes, yes you are hot. So hot.

smash said...

10 percenter sounds like a very jealous 'professional people'.

And yet, if they are so successful at marketing Mandy and Justin isn't. Why is he commenting HERE??

mo-boobies said...

10 percenter didn't you get the memo?

Blogs are the new centre of the Universe.
They will get Howard Dean elected and change the world for ever, err wait...

I'd like to think Justin was joking and is smart enough not to get caught up in the self important bullshit that surrounds the blogosphere.

I'm sure it didn't do Mandy any harm. Celebrity is made up of many small peices but if she wasn't already so damn hot and didn't have the talent and good management to help capitalise on the publicity it wouldn't have made a difference.

Justin still doesn't have the same power as shows like American Idol which can make even ugly and talentless people famous.

Jennifer said...

I saw this today on IMDB and am a new visitor of the site.

Congrats to Mandy. I enjoyed your dancing!! You are a memorable girl.

Anonymous said...

10 percenter is probably an agent, hence the "10 percenter" monker (agents usually get 10% of what their client brings in). He/she is merely trying to protect his/her own interests by slagging off blogs and other types of "new media" that help expose their clients to a wider fan base. 10 percenter feels threatened by all of this b/c if his/ her industry is seen as uneccessary or obsolete, then his name would go down to 0 percenter really quick.

Rachel Patterson said...

if i have to hear about how much i look like this girl anymore i'm going to scream! people stop my DAILY to ask me about the commercial cause they think i'm in it. it's gotten out of hand. now she did maxim so i'm going to get so much crap for that too...i should be getting a percentage of her profits for all this harrassment!

Daan said...

WTF!! Of course it was Justin who made it so much bigger. Check out the ONLY trivia on ms. Pepsi:

"Gained Internet fame with her own fan blog fame after appearing in a Pepsi/iTunes commercial during the 2005 Superbowl."

I dunno but that doesn't sound like the work of any agent of hers.

Anonymous said...

I love that this Mandy Amano story has legs!
More and more fascinating information and buzz is happening all the time.
And I love the comments here that show all the stuff going on.
Especially about the lady who DAILY gets asked if she is Mandy Amano!

Justin, there is some kind of phenomenon happening here, and I think this is just the beginning!

I also like that this blog charts all these events!

mo-boobies said...

Rachel, you look pretty hot too from your photos.
You should be glad people aren't comparing you to an ugly chick. Maybe if you get yourself an agent you could make a few bucks out of it.

muckdog said...

Has to be an advertising grand slam. What other commercials from the super bowl are still getting blogplay?

Matthias said...

Great god Justin, you have pulled off an enormous stunt for one person. Good job. If you did this for yourself, you could become some sort of high class porn star.

Anonymous said...

hi, I got to this site from, and was wondering what the fuss is about until saw a picture of her and woolah man she IS HOT. Im from malaysia and dont think we have that commercial here(or maybe I just dont watch tv much) but after downloading th clip I thought she is really beatiful. Dancing part was weird though. Anyway, I think she looks like Kristin Kreuk, except better. To the dude whos maintaning this blog, if she ever goes out with you or anything close - youre probally the luckiest mofo on earth and they should a make a movie of you(with nadia from hungary in it:) Else move over and lemme get to know her lol and is there anyway I could get that MAXIM issue? dont think they have it here in Malaysia


smash said...


You could try buying the magazine online from somewhere. If all else fails, I'm sure it is available on Ebay.

Unfortunately, there is only one pic of her in the magazine. Maxim's website, however, has a total of 3 pics for her.

As far as dating Justin, the guy maintaining this site, #1 I believe she is married. #2 She'd have to go to Brunei to go on a date with him.

Anonymous said...

only 1 picture is not worth it mate. and youre in brunei, thats right in between :) you come over malaysia often?


terry2000 said...

New kick ass MACK paintings of Mandy Amano as Lady Fujiko for Jeff Amano's Ronin Hood comic book:

joe said...

"As far as dating Justin, the guy maintaining this site, #1 I believe she is married. #2 She'd have to go to Brunei to go on a date with him."

Mandy's married? Definitely not! And who's from Brunei? I thought Justin is from the States.

jasdev, I'm from Malaysia too, and getting the issue of Maxim is pretty slim chance. Unless some bookstore do import them over.

smash said...

Then she has a serious boyfriend. Justin's shown pics of her with a s.o. to me.

Yes he WAS in the states, he's currently in transition on his way back to his homeland, Brunei.

Sleepy said...


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Anonymous said...

Her boyfriend is author and artist David Mack of KABUKI fame.
His new current Kabuki series is published by Marvel Comics.

10 percenter said...

Acting jobs don't come from blogs, they are procured by talent agents who parlay time sensitive information and recurring relationships. As such, young ingenues like Mandy are afforded the opportunity to take some meetings, and maybe they're fortunate enough to twist a cap and have a spin for 13 seconds.

Only time will tell if Mandy can capitalize on her "turn" in the Pepsi/iPod spot.

In case you didn't notice, Blogs didn't help Howard Dean get past the primary, let alone become president.

Blogs can be very beneficial, in the hands of someone with skill, but not in the hands of a blowhard who's so intent on self-gratification that he can see reality from the confines of his stunted imagination.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that we appreciate all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

How do we get that Lady Fujiko artwork or Ronin Hood comic books that Mandy is in for Free Comic Day?

10% said...

Q:How did Ms. Amano get into the Pepsi/iTunes commercial in the first place?

A:Well she's hot, and Justin's cool, and he got her into Maxim.

Let's face it, you're a moron, you'll always be a moron, and this blog is the perfect venue for your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Justin - (stroke)
WE all appreciate your hard (stroke) work (stroke, stroke, stroke, etc.)