Monday, February 07, 2005

Pepsi vs Coke

I used to like Coke more than Pepsi. Until i found out she drank Pepsi.

I love Pepsi now. Because Pepsi Girl drinks it.

Drink Pepsi.


Freddy said...

You are crazy man...
PEPSI is a ripoff of coke you know. Its the Cola !! Come on. I bet she drinks coke in real life.

JustSumDude said...

You take your Coke-loving blasphemy and you die!!!!


Anonymous said...

What, so by that reasoning I guess Coke is just a ripoff of all the other dark sodas before it? Seriously, shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That is Mandy Fujiko Amano!
I saw photos of her on the Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’ messageboard before the commercial came on. They say she LOVES comic books!
It seems like her significant other is superstar author and artist David Mack (creator of KABUKI now published by Marvel Comics).

The guy who runs a fan site of Mack posted photos of Mandy and Mack from a book signing tour. Go to to see more photos of Mandy and lots of Mack’s paintings and drawings based on her.
I saw on a message board that the Kageko character in Kabuki is also based on Mandy Amano.
E-mail the sites webmaster David Thornton for pics of the paintings at or check them out on the site.

Hopefully we will see Mandy Fujiko Amano in the upcoming Kabuki film!
Then I can buy a big drink of Pepsi when I watch her in it!

Anonymous said...

No, seriously. Pepsi waits for coke to invent a new product, then makes a pepsi version of it. How about some pepsi with splenda? or Lime? or Sprite Mist, I mean, Sierra Mist?

What was the last good thing Pepsi thought up on their own? Crystal Pepsi? EEEUUU!