Thursday, February 10, 2005

Michele (if that really is your name)

Michele, ma belle.
These are words that go together well,
My Michele.

Michele, ma belle.
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
Tres bien ensemble.

I love you, I love you, I love you.
That's all I want to say.
Until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that
You'll understand.

Michele, ma belle.
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
Tres bien ensemble.


michele3003 said...

Hi, Justin. My friend told me about your site and frankly i'm flattered.

I had no idea that this commerical would be so popular (even though it was the superbowl and all), but i'm been getting a lot of fan mail.

I'm just a normal girl...and i'm not to stuckup to talk to people. I'm actually considering starting a blog too :) I've been really busy lately though.

Anyway...I've got to run. I hope you're a nice guy and you're just kidding around about how much you love me. If you want to send me an email or something (seriously don't send anything dirty...i'll never post here again and i'll block your email forever) you can send to my gmail account: I promise i'll read it asap, but i'm getting a lot of mail lately :P

I'll let you know if i make that blog...i don't know what kind of rules my agency has about that.


Anonymous said...

This is a liar. I'm the real Pepsi-Girl. Don't believe her. She is cheating on you.

Anonymous said...

I like Justin's penis.

It's yellow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I am just musing, if the real “Pepsi girl” would be as brave, as to invite someone who uses the name “psychotic” (or some version of the word) for his email-address to send mail to her.

I would never do so. If however I was someone selling email-adresses to spammers ... well thats a different perspective.

This is not meant to be an offense to anyone. I just wish to remind people who are quick in opening their hearts to stragers, that they should not neglect what their common sense is telling them.

Anonymous said...


Are you that guy from fubar? And btw, when searching for identity, it's her ETHNICITY you are asking for, presumably. For instance, my NATIONALITY is AMERICAN, but my ethnicity (i.e., cultural and ethnic background) is KOREAN. I dated this half Korean/Irish chick and she was gorgeous. Something about mixing the whiteness with some Asian flava...just does it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who that freak Michelle is who remembers shooting this spot, but as a very close friend of the real Pepsi Girl, I can tell you she's lying.
Some facts about That Pepsi Girl
- her name is not Michelle
- she is not French-Canadian. She is half-Japanese, half-Irish and born and bred in USA.
- she is better looking in real life.
- she is a comic book aholic
- she is a fantastic actress
- she knows about this site (even emailed it to me, which is how I found out). she is flattered.

We all love her to death and are very happy others will get a glimpse at how great she is.

r_to_the_k said...

The mixture, as it is called in Hawaii, is 'Hapa'. Half and half.

Anonymous said...

Guys...fuckin step outside. It'll do you some good

Anonymous said...

You are all so lame. Get out. You have no chance with her. This is creepy. She is attractive, but this is called an unhealthy obsession, because you're never gonna meet her. All these people are fakers. Just...go clubbing

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes clubbing. The answer to everything ! Shheeeeeesh

Anonymous said...