Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Her name

Huzzah! Thanks to an anonymous comment (well, actually not so anonymous. it's signed 'Wendel') i think we may know her name.

I know her from a previous acting engagement. Her name is Michele and she is French Canadian.

I'm reluctant to tell you any more specifics, but I've told her about your blog and I'm sure she will appreciate your undying love for her.

Take care,

Ahh... Michele... hopefully she'll stop by someday and leave a comment or two. Or maybe even e-mail me or something.

I'll probably pass out though if she ever does that.


radish01001 said...

Oh, Michelle, I did not mean to disrepect with the "I'd hit it" comment...but I cannot hold back my feelings, and it's the truth.

Je t'aime, ma chérie.

Anonymous said...

Go Patriots!

Jamdez said...

Michelle tu dois apprécier l'effort que Justin mets dans son blog. Si tu lui envoie un e'mail il va vraiment tomber encore plus en amour avec toi (il est pathétique comme ca)

I'm not translating that

Chris said...

jamdez, mon dieu k t con. C pas kulturny (ca c russe) d'etre comme ca a kel kun ki est si...uhh...special...a faire un site web comme celui-ci. Parce que il a fait un fansite un peu "stalker", ca s'di pas kil pathetique. Il a just trop du temps et un ordinateur trop vite. Eh puis, en plus il y a plein des choses g peux faire avec mon compute plus utiles k qu'est-ce k je fais maintenant.

And for the record I'm translating what jamdez said:

Michelle, you gotta appreciate the effort that Justin puts into his blog. If you send him an email he'll really fall more in love with you (he's pathetic like that).

What a jerk.