Friday, February 11, 2005

Where in the world (wide web) is Mandy?


Practically anyway. Here's a sampling!

Mandy on an Italian iPod site!

Mandy on a Canadian news site!

Mandy on a Japanese Apple site!

Mandy on a Best Entertainment Weblog Bloggies 2005 nominated site!

Mandy on some German site! Wait.. what the hell...

Mandy on some guy from's blog!

THerbMcC71: Dude, that's not just some guy from Wired.
THerbMcC71: That's the dude who wrote The Cult of Mac.
THerbMcC71: That's like if the guy who wrote Masters of Doom wrote about my site. Or Jim DeRogatis said something about it. Or if Michael Azerrad used it as a source in a book about why rock is dead.


Anonymous said...

Hey! That is Mandy Fujiko Amano!
I saw photos of her on the Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’ messageboard before the commercial came on. They say she LOVES comic books!
It seems like her significant other is superstar author and artist David Mack (creator of KABUKI now published by Marvel Comics).

The guy who runs a fan site of Mack’s work posted photos of Mandy and Mack from a book signing tour. Go to to see more photos of Mandy and lots of Mack’s paintings and drawings based on her.
I saw on a message board that the Kageko character in Kabuki is also based on Mandy Amano.
E-mail the sites webmaster David Thornton for pics of the paintings at or check them out on the site.

Hopefully we will see Mandy Fujiko Amano in the upcoming Kabuki film!
Then I can buy a big drink of Pepsi when I watch her in it!

Anonymous said...

So, is this really a fake blog?

>_ said...

heehee... whoever wrote that cbs news article is a complete moron. A fake blog? wtf? So what would be the "real" version of this blog? A person that works for Pepsi that want's to contact her?

Wierdos, i'll bet the next thing they'll do is write a news article about a site that has underage chicks posted all over the main page.

Umgawa said...

" So, is this really a fake blog?No! This is a fake fake blog! This is a fundamental achievement in the evolution/revolution/devolution of blogs as we know it! Brilliant!

Falco said...

Hi Jason,
she's also on my site, but you have to be careful: this girl kills almost every traffic limit!

Your visitors took my provided 3 GBs traffic within a few hours!! And all that with a file of just 3 MBs. I've set up another server, so the first link should still work.

Go on, have fun!

Anonymous said...

I saw her next to David Mack when he was signing autographs in Dallas and in LA.

She is very mysterious looking and hypnotic. And has a killer smile.

I'll start drinking Pepsi.

terry2000 said...

I'd like to hear her talk in the next Pepsi ad.
You know there is going to be one.

And I bet we see her in film and TV shows very quickly.

Casting directors are going to jump at the chance to be involved with this much natural buzz and charm.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what the updates and additions to thiw will be for tomorrow.

Matt said...

I can't say for sure if this is a real blog or flog, but I thought you might be interested to know that the Canadian site you link to ( claims that this is a corporate blog (that is, an ad), and I may not have thought so execept for the profile which says all Pepsi movies/music/products and all the "anonymous" comments plugging Pepsi.

A real blogger in college would have her as all the interest, or really answer, not say Pepsi, since "Jason" likes Mandy, not Pepsi. That said, overall well executed.

ruprechtjones said...

"A real blogger in college would have her as all the interest, or really answer, not say Pepsi, since "Jason" likes Mandy, not Pepsi. That said, overall well executed."

A real blogger in college would probably have had his own blog site up and running for a while now, and maybe the info that he put on this blog was not a "throwaway", but at least expendable. This is a secondary or tertiary site at most. It looks like this Justin character is pretty hot and heavy on the girl, not the product, so I don't think he's a corporate schill. Just a confused and lonely college kid.

btw who is "Jason"?