Friday, February 11, 2005

Freak alert!

OMG. Look at what i found.

Caught my eyes for couple seconds..  Then I just stared at it for the longest time...  I don't know why she looks very familiar..

Seriously, who takes pictures of TV ad models on their TV on their cellphones??!

What a freak!!! Be careful Mandy, there's crazy people out there!


Apple said...

Haha.. I guess you've been checking who's been stealing your precious pictures... But it's all good.. I guess now we are even (at least in terms of calling each other freaks and all). I was surprised that someone else had paid attention and care enough to use the time and energy to capture a picture or two like I did.. btw, that was captured from ifilm, not off the tv..

smash said...

I saw pepsi girl in a packaged food dish commercial yesterday on ESPN between 11:15am and 11:45am. Unfortunately, I was across the room so I can't tell you much about it. Sh e was holding up a package at the end of the commercial and smiling.

Someone find out what else she's in!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone figured the timestamp in Coyote Ugly when Pepsi Girl is onscreen as "Dancing Girl in Bar"?

Anonymous said...

Hey! That is Mandy Fujiko Amano!
I saw photos of her on the Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’ messageboard before the commercial came on. They say she LOVES comic books!
It seems like her significant other is superstar author and artist David Mack (creator of KABUKI now published by Marvel Comics).
The guy who runs a fan site of Mack;s work posted photos of Mandy and Mack from a book signing tour. Go to to see more photos of Mandy and lots of Mack’s paintings and drawings based on her.
I saw on a message board that the Kageko character in Kabuki is also based on Mandy Amano.
E-mail the sites webmaster David Thornton for pics of the paintings at or check them out on the site.
Hopefully we will see Mandy Fujiko Amano in the upcoming Kabuki film!
Then I can buy a big drink of Pepsi when I watch her in it!

terry2000 said...

I saw that she has a letter printed in the letters collumn of the recent issue of Kabuki from Marvel Comics.

Must have been right before her and Mack started seeing each other.

Anonymous said...

Mandy is in no other commercial besides Pepsi at this moment. The spot someone saw on ESPN is mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I think she is in a Nivea commercial that aired in Japan.

Anonymous said...

She must be a heck of an actor to squeeze that much personality and charm into taking off the lid of a Pepsi bottle.

Pepsi should thank this girl.

Anonymous said...

Is this a Pepsi site, and part of thier ad campagne?

It is making people actually look for a commercial that they would not have seen otherwise.

I've never heard of that before. But it made me actually look for the commercial at the site and watch and enjoy a commercial.
And I hate commercials.

But I like this.

The power of Mandy...

Anonymous said...

Right on!
I friggin LOVE Gwen Stefani and Eve. I think they are the shiznet as far as hotness goes, but this girl is who I was staring at on this commercial!!!

And I like that dance she does.
Next commercial should be her dancing with Stefani and Eve!