Friday, February 11, 2005

Shi cover

"And our favorite thing about her is she loves comic books. You might even recognize her as the new cover as SHI for it's 10th anniversary cover."

ps: The Pepsi Girl video montage is down. Ran out of bandwidth! Is there anybody out there gracious enough to host it on their server?

Video has been mirrored!


William said...

I can probably host for a little bit. Contact me at

AH said...

I am already hosting it. If you want to check it out and share the link click below.
I run a website called and I put together a few comments on your blog.
Questions, email me at

Anonymous said...

I have sent you an email. I think I can help you out.

Anonymous said...

Why waiting?
I've uploaded it to my webserver, here's the file:
http://thatpepsigirl.wifi-wue.deDon't make me crash, but I had to help you out of this... ;)

Justin said...

haha. thanks guys. i appreciate the help.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's another one from me. This one has UNLIMITED traffic:

ThatPepsiGirl@MyMediaCenterAll you have to do is click the "GMX Media Center starten" button, then you can download the file.


Anonymous said...

You should put up a countdown of the number of days until you get a restraining order.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That is Mandy Fujiko Amano!
I saw photos of her on the Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’ messageboard before the commercial came on. They say she LOVES comic books!
It seems like her significant other is superstar author and artist David Mack (creator of KABUKI now published by Marvel Comics).

The guy who runs a fan site of Mack’s work posted photos of Mandy and Mack from a book signing tour. Go to to see more photos of Mandy and lots of Mack’s paintings and drawings based on her.
I saw on a message board that the Kageko character in Kabuki is also based on Mandy Amano.
E-mail the sites webmaster David Thornton for pics of the paintings at or check them out on the site.

Hopefully we will see Mandy Fujiko Amano in the upcoming Kabuki film!
Then I can buy a big drink of Pepsi when I watch her in it!

r_to_the_k said...

It's funny that there's a bunch of people on here posting comments such as "You should put up a countdown of the number of days until you get a restraining order". You can imagine they were googling around to find her too, and ended up here. Don't be frontin', you know you love her too...

Delvie said...

Mandy also modeled for Shi: Ju Nen Series #2, #3 & #4, if anybody is interested.

Also, Mandy was one of the dancers in Coyote Ugly, if you care back & look @ the movie.