Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More random quotes

And comments from around the net.

  • And speaking of babes, the Pepsi girl is now officially hotter than Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Jaymee Ong all combined together into a 6-legged monstrosity that nature never intended to create.
  • that girl's a comic nerd? Hell froze over.
  • "Sorry we weren't able to find Mandy Amano on MySpace.com..."
  • i hope pepsi girl reads this (forum) thread and fucking appreciates the SHIT I PUT UP WITH FROM YOU PEOPLE IN DEFENSE OF HER JEANS!!1!
  • I'm in love.
  • she is hot and her dad is cool.
  • By any standard, this gentleman is providing an invaluable service. Not since Harold and Kumar have I felt so warmly embraced by the culture at large. It's pretty fresh that young women much like those who made us swoon in high school are now prominently featured in national advertising campaigns.
  • It seems one Super Bowl commercial in particular is generating a lot of buzz—and it’s not the infamous GoDaddy.com spot that was banned from airing in the second half. The new Pepsi-iPod commercial, featuring half-Japanese, half-Irish hottie Mandy Amano, has officially become my new favorite commercial. The commercial has gained so much popularity that it even has its own dedicated blog. There are some rumors that the blog is merely a well-disguised corporate website (which would be pretty slick of Pepsi) but honestly, who cares.

    Anonymous said...

    I like pepsi.

    Anonymous said...

    i know you love pepsi girl, but i love the OTHER pepsi girl (the one in the leopard print coat). who is other pepsi girl? can you find out? pleeeeease?

    Anonymous said...

    I met her Amano dad and her boy toy Mack when they were signing their books at Wizard World. And Mandy was there too, and she actually looks even more stunning in person.
    And I was surprised by how nice she was.

    Anonymous said...

    looks like she's going to be in a TV show!


    Anonymous said...

    I think they need to release another commercial with Mandy in it ASAP. Come on Pepsi, what's taking so freakin' long. Gosh!

    Anonymous said...

    OMG not another fake site. It's so damn obvious. I don't know what's wrong with you other people who are buying into it and are all infatuated. She's definitely hot, but just as definitely not hot enough to warrant a blog for her.

    The creator's overemphasis of the smile seems a little too shallow and is a poor attempt in trying to pass off this blog as legit. Even you guys can confirm that there's nothing special about her smile. In fact it's quite shocking to see so much gum. Furthermore in one of those angles her facial features just look plain small and weird.

    Wow I rule, I proved another fake site again #31423.

    Anonymous said...

    She is very beautiful and charming, and obviously talented to be able to make a Pepsi commercial be remotely interesting.
    You go girl!

    Anonymous said...

    I used to think it was fake, but now I think it is real. I don't think Pepsi would make make a blog with the guy sounding so stalkerish from the start.
    Because if it is fake, they know the truth would come out eventually.
    I think it is real, and not sanctioned by Pepsi.
    And good luck to that hot girl.
    I am curious to see if there will be another pepsi commercial with her.

    not anonymous said...

    If this is a fake blog, then i'm the Queen of England.

    Now either the whole lot of yas are just too plain stupid or maybe just plain blind to see that there are numerous subtle and not so subtle "clues" all over the site to prove that this blog is everything BUT fake. And the whole obsession bit, IT'S CLEARLY JUST AN ATTEMPT AT HUMOUR. Open your bloody eyes you stupid yanks.

    ps: Mandy is amazing. Long live the Queen!

    Anonymous said...

    I have to agree that Mandy Amano is pretty fookin' hot, but more hot than Jaymee Ong? Ms. Ong has a New Zealand accent and nothing gets me going faster than that accent.....

    JuSofie said...


    I like the pepsi girl,too!!

    我喜歡像你這樣主動的態度,而且還找到女主角。你好棒!!(Traditional Chinese)