Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Everybody loves Raym... Mandy

I'm sure that most of you have seen the Pepsi/iTunes commercials that premiered during the Super Bowl by now. If not, get the over to iFilm and watch a few. Forget the horrible Marvel populated Visa commercial, and ignore the overhyped and only mildly amusing Go Daddy commercials. No, the real breakout star came from the iTunes montages which featured one Mandy Amano, aka That Pepsi Girl.

Of course, the simple fact that she's insanely and intriguingly hot is only part of the appeal. The real reason I'm posting this is because she has more than a little comic book relevancy. Mandy's father is Jeff Amano, an employee of Beckett Comics, and both she and her sister are apparently comic geeks. She was used as reference for a cover of SHI, and is friends with David Mack.

Now, people are always wondering how to market comics to a wider audience - Pepsi and Apple have inadvertently handed some entrepenurial comic company a goldmine. Forget Cindy Margolis - this girl has legit comic fan cred and is in the early stages of true internet and possibly mainstream celebrity. Don't slap her on comic covers in badly photoshopped spandex or have her wear some ill-fitting padded Witchblade outfit at cons. Use her in print ads a la the Milk campaigns, or something. I dunno. It just seems to me that a there's some sort of opportunity here for someone to grab...



jackdaniels said...

I concur. Mandy and Pepsi are great.

Anonymous said...

Her dad's name is Jeff Amano.
Not Jim.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the name Jim interchangable with Jeff like it is with James?

Like how James Cameron goes by Jim Cameron as well? Or maybe i'm wrong.

terry2000 said...

She's been a reference for characters in David Mack's Kabuki comic and graphic novels for a while.
I think her and Mack are dating now.
Like comic book royalty.
You can see paintings of her on Kabuki covers at

You'll recognize her. Check out KABUKI: Skin Deep. Vol 4. And KABUKI: Scarab.
And there is a great painting of her as Kabuki with doves flying from her hands.

Since the new Kabuki movie is at Fox, I think she'd be a great actress to play Akemi or Kageko. Or any of the Noh agents. And since X-men is also at Fox, she could play Psylock too.

Dope said...

her chances of getting the role of psylock depend on a couple of xmen 3 written already? ...and if so have they written the character psylock into the movie?

...and above all else...will the schedule conflict with any future pepsi spots.

these are questions that need answers!

Anonymous said...

If anything, the least they could do is work in a tiny cameo like they did with Jubilee.

Anonymous said...

can we just get more pictures of her?

Anonymous said...

If you go to it says her site is coming soon.
So hopefully more pics there sooner rather than later.
There are some photos of her in the news section of

captainobvious said...

uh, its already been posted about

Anonymous said...

No, as far as I know, she's not dating David Mack. Hey, I'm only three degrees from That Pepsi Girl! My close friend is friends with David Mack, who seems to be a good friend of Mandy. Coolness....I just need a picture with her now.... (My girlfriend's probably rolling her eyes at me.)

terry2000 said...

Based on the photos I've seen of her and Mack at recent book signings, and what her sister says on the comic messageboards, I'm pretty sure that Mandy and Mack have recently become an item.
But it seems they were long time friends before that.

I'm surpised there has been no "official" Pepsi response to this so far. I wonder if they like it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the 'Jim' mistake has been fixed. And for all the free publicity this site has done for Pepsi's ads, they better not complain. If they do, i'll boycott them!

Anonymous said...

Go Pepsi Girl! Go!

Anonymous said...

Mandy is fine. I bet we continue to see her in bigger and better things.
And we can look back and say, I remember her in that Pepsi commercial.

john said...


Anonymous said...

Da Bomb!
I like that she is different from the same old cookie cutter kind of ad chick we usually see.
She gots her own look!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe there is a sight for 'thepepsigirl.' I actually met Mandy back at the SDCC a couple of years ago.

Like people have already mentioned she's from a comic book family. She was really nice to talk to and super friendly.

I actually went to college w/ her but didn't even know it. One of my friends had a class w/ her freshman year.

Congrats to Mandy and good luck. Hope to see you in more things!!!

Anonymous said...

One Pepsi, one iPod and that pepsi-girl it's only what a guy needs.

Good luck and I hope that you find her

Anonymous said...

USATODAY has a mention of the KABUKI film that she's been attached to. I saw this on a message board. And I think she's perfect for it.

See the "quick question" on the left side of the page.

They ask which comic book characters that you are looking forward to seeing films of.
They listed some for you to vote for which you are looking forward to, and they listed KABUKI from Marvel with a ballot for you to vote on.

Vote for the KABUKI film with Mandy!

Anonymous said...

I've met Mandy and have traveled several times with members of her family. They're truly great people and it's no small wonder that they have such a captivating and talented daughter. The Pepsi people better realize what they have before she transcends the national advertising scene. She's gonna be big.

Anonymous said...

I like her.