Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mandy on IGN?

Mandy was recently mentioned in the mailbag section of IGN's Babes channel.
Hey guys,

You graced us w/ the wonderful Jessica Chobot for all of us video game nuts, but how about giving some love to the comic fans.

Mandy Amano gained some fame for airing in an iTunes/Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. She sparked an internet blog and has her own website:

Get us an interview IGN!!


You guys should really check out those links. Wow. I might have to make sure not to let Chris get this one. A couple issues of Wizard and I'll be ready for her.

Let's hope IGN gets that interview!


terry2000 said...

Hopefully there will be more Mandy news.
I'm still waiting to see photos from the Maxim Hot 100 Party.

Here are some photos taken of Mandy at the Philledelphia Wizard World Convention from last week:

There are a bunch more on the other dates of the site.

terry2000 said...

Check out these photos of Mandy!

Jessica Chobot Sucks said...

Yeah, if That Chobot Bitch got an interview, Mandy Amano should definitely get one.

kevz said...

shes mad cute

terry2000 said...

Latest photos of Mandy!


And Here:

terry2000 said...

Mandy sent photos from the MAXIM HOT 100 PARTY!!

And a discussion about it here:

Anonymous said...

I met her in person this past weekend at Comic Con.... DAMN.... she's even hotter in person than the in the Maxim pics!!! Didn't have the Maxim, so I asked if she could sign my pepsi bottle and she did, took some pics with her, and even got a few comics from her dad. She's sooo hot.... and her dad's comics are pretty cool.

Drivin' in my car said...

Yeah Baby!