Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mandy Amano interview

The guys at The Go Guys Show managed to get an interview with Mandy while they were at Comic-Con.

Listen to the interview here where she talks about comics and her upcoming projects (including a new commercial that's coming out "anytime now"!).

Pics here and here.
I met her in person this past weekend at Comic Con.... DAMN.... she's even hotter in person than the in the Maxim pics!!! Didn't have the Maxim, so I asked if she could sign my pepsi bottle and she did, took some pics with her, and even got a few comics from her dad. She's sooo hot.... and her dad's comics are pretty cool.

- Random dude who met her at Comic-Con


Anonymous said...

she's so ... skinny. didn't get to take a picture of her but did pass by the booth several times on the way to visit a friends' booth.

- mae

Anonymous said...

I heard that she was in some kind of science fiction short film. The site is:

terry2000 said...

Loads of photos of her from San Diego Comicon here:

Anonymous said...

yeah...apparently she's dating David Mack, creator of the Kabuki comic book. Meh. She looks older in person :P LOL

Anonymous said...

Check out these photos of Mandy Amano and David Mack with Frank Miller(SIN CITY) and Kat Amano.

And I saw them at the Chicago con, when I got Mack and Miller's autograph. She looks frickin incredible in person.
The photos don't even do her justice.

And there are a lot of HOTT photos of her on this page.

/Jim L.

Anonymous said...

CHeck out this:

/Jim L.

Anonymous said...

Check out this photo from a photo message board by her sister Kat Amano:

She has muscles!
They look like super heroes!

drknkook said...

looks like she works out a bit

Anonymous said...

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