Thursday, May 19, 2005

Beverage blogs

I found an article on that mentions this Pepsi Girl blog. It's a good read. Here's an excerpt:
Affinity brands have long generated their own word of mouth and Web content. Consider at brands such as Apple. Consumer products companies have it, too. Check out the recently launched Gatorade blog and the popular That Pepsi Girl blog for examples of unlikely customer/fan work. These sites may not be as flashy as commercially produced viral stuff (see Viralmeister for examples), but in many ways they're actually better. They're authentic, or very accurate facsimiles of authenticity.

- Can Viral Marketing Be Serious?

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So we have a Pepsi blog and Gatorade blog. No Coke blog? Somebody's gotta be a Coke fan out there.


bligityblah said...

Coke is for lames...

and strippers :P

Anonymous said...

This messageboard thread is about David Mack and Mandy Amano attending the Maxim Hot 100 party last Thursday.

In the thread there are links to photo pages of all the celebs there, and also photos of Mandy Amano at the red carpet.

And mention that more candid photos of Mandy and Mack from the party will be up on next week.

There is also another thread on the board where a guy mentions that he saw Bendis, Mack, and Mandy Amano signing at the Activision booth at the E3 convention in LA Wednesday promoting Bendis' new Ultimate Spiderman video game from Activision.

shirizaki said...

Isn't Gatorade owned by pepsi?

Titleist said...

this site needs more william hung.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pepsi owns Gatorade.

Paul Reilly said...

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