Monday, May 30, 2005

What a stalker

A post i found on someone's Xanga.
I finally found out her name

It's Mandy Amano. You know, "Pepsi Girl"? Like the girl on the Pepsi-iTunes commercial during the Super Bowl? As with any guy that watched it, I instantly fell in love. My mind switched into stalker mode -- just had to find out more about her! Turns out she already has a popular fan-blog right HERE made by an adoring fan (stupid punk beat me to it). Combined, she only had less than 10 seconds of air-time in the commercial but her impact has been tremendous, and her appeal partly comes from her comic book loving background. Now that I know I have to share her with 10,000,000 other stalkers, it cooled off my passion a bit.

But today, I was sitting at the bus stop just thinking about her and wondering what the odds would be to run into her. I stared around around the corner to see if I could jinx myself to make it come true, but after 10 minutes... nothing. So the bus comes and I'm now in a downtrodden mood. As I clamber up the steps into the empty bus, I look up... and WHoA! There she is! Or at least a look-a-like. She blessed me with a smile but I totally lost my balance (must have blushed too) and all sense of direction as I picked out an inconspicuous seat -- not too far away but not too close. As (un)fortune would have it, a fat lady sat in between us and blocked my view. But that's ok, I think I was fidgeting and nervous the whole time. Eventually I had to part from that bus but this incident totally made my day . I'm so easy to please.



thesuit said...

I didn't know you had a xanga too.

Anonymous said...

lol. funny you should call someone else creepy.

JustSumDude said...

Your face is creepy.

Anonymous said...

Mandy also has a little sister that went to Newman smith in carrollton texas. She was a little more goth but you could tell she had that look. IF she just took off that dark makeup she'd be good to go also

Anonymous said...


I dated her a few times. She is not all there.

Anonymous said...

Check this out! While browsing through, I ran across this in the mailbag in there "Babe" section.

With any luck, she'll be featured on IGN soon! :)

"Hey guys,

You graced us w/ the wonderful Jessica Chobot for all of us video game nuts, but how about giving some love to the comic fans.

Mandy Amano gained some fame for airing in an iTunes/Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. She sparked an internet blog and has her own website:

Get us an interview IGN!!


Anonymous said...


Forgot to add their response too:

"You guys should really check out those links. Wow. I might have to make sure not to let Chris get this one. A couple issues of Wizard and I'll be ready for her."

Justin said...

thanks for the tip! it's on the front page now.